Subscriber Concierge

Let your print and digital customers manage their subscription and membership transactions with ease while you manage their access and increase customer engagement.

Register trigger events more quickly and improve your customer retention rate by satisfying client inquiries faster.

Identify which sales prospects are responding to which offer so you can reduce turnover and increase revenue.

Suiting your needs with an adaptive solution

  • Choose content or entitlement access
  • Manage your website visitors' user identities
  • Set up pageview metering technology
  • Decide whether your want a single sign on or social media login integration

Keep your subscribers smiling with a single customized portal

  • Users can easily start new subscriptions
  • Renewing and upgrading subscriptions is quick and easy
  • Clients can request re-delivery of their subscription
  • Submitting delivery compliants and opening up account inquieries is simple
  • Subscribers can order previous editions
  • Payment is a streamlined process
  • Users can manage their membership services with ease

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Solicitor Concierge

Make it easy on your solicitors to submit subscription orders by automating your marketing campaigns and the processing of new subsciptions.

Boost the productivity of your marketing and sales teams with a single portal for all of your subscription sales efforts.

Skyrocket your sales team towards success

  • Control all subscription marketing offers in one easy place
  • Get the right offer in front of the right people at the right time to increase sales efficiency
  • Easily access the latest information on subscription offers in the field
  • Track the status of new subscriptions

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Mobile Concierge

On-the-go technology so your sales team has access to more information at the time of sale and can input new sales into your system on the road.

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Fully Integrated E-mail Messaging

Stay in touch with subscribers and nuture leads with Marketing G2's integrated e-mail messaging tool. Send newsletters, payment reminders, event details, nuturing and retention e-mails, etc. to effectively market your brand and drive revenue.

Pull consumer data from multiple sources and launch campaigns quickily and easily with the click of a button. See real-time recipient data to monitor and streamline your e-mail marketing efforts so you can capture and keep more subscribers.

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Empowering Subscription Sales

Give your sales team the tools they need

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