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North Wales, PA – April 13, 2016 — Marketing G2 (MG2), a leading provider of digital solutions for subscription-based enterprises, announced the launch of a new publisher-specific component to their widely adopted MG2 Engagement Platform. “MG2 ConneXt empowers publishers to engage every visitor. It is a true disruption to today’s access, authentication and product entitlement process,” according to Marketing G2 Product Development Lead, Dael Jackson. “Being able to respond dynamically based on a user’s activity and attributes, with a series of contextual conversations including actions designed to intelligently direct the customer engagement flow, creates a powerful tool to move a user through the engagement funnel.“ Jackson continued.

MG2’s customer engagement platform and suite of subscription management tools are utilized by many of the largest media companies in North America, including Advance Publications, Cox Media Group, Digital First Media Group, Gannett, Hearst, Postmedia Network, and Tribune Publishing.

MG2 ConneXt is a strategic component of the MG2 2016 product development plan, President Patrick Glennon explained. “We are successful when we provide technology that makes our clients successful. Monetizing every engagement will make our clients more successful. Returning the relationship with the customer to the publisher will make our clients more successful. MG2 ConneXt is a platform to engage every visitor based on user specific data and activity. It is also a platform to create access at an article level. It is the future of one to one digital marketing making article level micropayments a reality. We are creating a future where every engagement has monetization potential."

When asked about where the product fits and pricing, MG2 VP Marketing Chris Storm, noted “MG2 believes this empowering technology is a must have for any optimized engagement platform. That’s why MG2 ConneXt is being added to our engagement platform at no additional cost. That puts a smile on our clients faces.” Storm added, “ConneXt is the latest chapter in how we’ve enabled clients to leapfrog their legacy business methods with technology, and there’s more to come.”

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