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Subscription-based businesses can now leverage the combined strength, flexibility, scalability, and ingenuity of the MG2 Customer Engagement Platform and Vindicia Subscription Platform

SPRING HOUSE, Penn. and Redwood City, Calif. – January 28, 2015 - Marketing G2 (MG2), a leading provider of digital solutions for newspaper publishers and Vindicia, the leading subscription billing platform, announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership to integrate Vindicia CashBox with Marketing G2’s industry-leading customer engagement platform. The combined effort will create an e-commerce and customer engagement platform to help subscription-based businesses build revenue through recurring billing with a 360-degree view of the customer journey.

MG2’s customer engagement platform and suite of subscription management tools are utilized by many of the largest media companies in North America, including Advance Publications, Cox Media, Hearst, Tribune, Gannett, and Postmedia Network.

“We’ve sat in too many meetings where our clients expressed frustration that they could not bring their ideas for new digital products to market because of legacy system limitations,” said MG2 President Patrick Glennon. The new joint solution gives forward thinking content marketers unlimited product and pricing opportunities, built-in retention capabilities, upsell and cross-sell functionality, along with global payment methods, and a tax engine. “Integrating Vindicia’s CashBox into MG2’s platform is a game changer,” said Glennon. “It translates to a reality where our clients can now think differently, act differently and move quickly to drive new revenue.”

Vindicia is a trusted platform to some of the biggest brands in the new digital economy, including Next Issue Media, Vimeo, and Bloomberg. Vindicia has processed more than $21 billion globally across 241 million customer accounts in 170+ countries.

“Vindicia is supporting MG2’s aggressive commitment to helping their customers deliver flexible subscription services to consumers who want the ultimate in personalized, on-demand content,” said Gene Hoffman, CEO of Vindicia. “Vindicia CashBox is highly adaptable, accommodating and inspiring everything from incremental new services on existing packages to new content packages in and of themselves. Either way, MG2’s customers get massive future-proofing and a guaranteed increase to their bottom line.”

MG2 VP Business Development Mark Barry noted that Vindicia’s unique primary focus on the business-to-consumer space is a core ingredient in this partnership. “No other billing provider has as broad a spectrum of capabilities or as deep a level of experience in the B2C environment,” Barry said. “This is an exciting time for the news media industry, and we’re excited to provide publishers with an opportunity to effectively ‘hit the reset button’ on recurring billing in order to build new revenue and increase customer lifetime one intelligent subscriber engagement at a time.”

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