Highlighting Subscription Economy Leadership

SPRING HOUSE, Penn - Marketing G2 has announced the launch of its new website today ( www.marketingg2.com ) that will enhance the presentation of the company and its suite of marketing solutions.

"Marketing G2 has shown subscription economy leadership for more than a decade, helping subscriber-based businesses engage intelligently with customers in order to grow digital audience and revenues while reducing costs," said MG2 president and founder Patrick Glennon. "And we are pleased to have built a web site that helps us communicate our unique value effectively, whether you visit us on a desktop computer, a mobile phone or a tablet."

The marketing intelligence company plans to bring additional features and information to the new site in a series of phases. The company will soon introduce case studies and other information to help illuminate the successes its clients are experiencing.

"Our clients are experiencing successes that others around the globe can benefit from," Glennon added. "Fueling this success, is Marketing G2’s cutting-edge customer engagement platform coupled with its long track record of enabling subscriber-based businesses with effective management tools to utilize all of their data, technology, and content assets to engage, acquire, service and retain customers."

About Marketing G2

Marketing G2 (MG2) develops technology and management tools that are data-driven and enable subscription-based businesses to use all of their data, tech, and content assets to engage current customers and prospects to grow their audience, increase revenue, and reduce costs. MG2’s customer engagement platform and data-driven products have been implemented by many leading media companies throughout North America. A privately-held company, MG2 is based in Spring House, Pennsylvania.

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MG2 Launches New Website

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