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SPRING HOUSE, Penn. - Marketing G2 announced today that it has formed a partnership with BilltoMobile, a leading provider of mobile business solutions, to integrate mobile payment technology into its industry leading customer engagement platform. Customers who use the BilltoMobile option will see their charges on their phone carrier’s monthly statement.

A leading provider of digital solutions for newspaper publishers, Marketing G2’s customer engagement platform and suite of management tools are utilized by many of the largest media companies in North America.

“We recognize that consumers are increasingly spending more time online with their mobile phones and tablets than on their desktop computers,” said Marketing G2 President Patrick Glennon. “And ensuring the customer experience is streamlined is critical to building new audiences. It makes sense to incorporate a mobile payment option with our customer engagement platform so our clients’ subscribers can have this convenient pay by mobile option when purchasing digital content.”

BilltoMobile is a trusted, single point of access to the carriers’ billing systems. The company works with carriers in more than 82 countries, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T Mobile.

“We were impressed by the close partnerships that BilltoMobile has developed with phone carriers throughout the world,” Glennon added. “And we are pleased to make this payment option available to our media clients and other subscription-based businesses.”

Marketing G2 has become a leader in helping subscriber-based businesses engage intelligently with customers in order to grow digital audience, increase revenues, and reduce costs. Incorporating the BilltoMobile payment option is another step forward for Marketing G2 as a leader in the subscription economy.

About Marketing G2

Marketing G2 (MG2) develops data-driven customer engagement tools and management technology that enable subscription-based companies to utilize their technology, data, and content assets to engage customers and current prospects to grow their audience, increase revenues, and reduce costs. MG2’s mobile point of sale software, customer engagement platform, and data-driven products and services are used by many of the leading media companies throughout North America. MG2 is a privately held company based in Spring House, PA.

About BilltoMobile

BilltoMobile is the premier provider of mobile business solutions, enabling clients to offer mobile payments, mobile commerce, marketing services, and mobile wallet services. It provides access to mobile subscribers in more than 82 countries. BilltoMobile is the only company directly processing payments for all top-tier U.S. mobile carriers. The company serves as a payments gateway for two top tier US carriers, providing mobile phone authentication and direct billing access to other payment processors and large-scale merchants. BilltoMobile is a privately held U.S. company headquartered in San Jose, California.

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