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Paraphrased from Robert Channick, Tribune Reporter, 07/31/2014 - A new launches this upcoming Friday, offering readers a better digital media experience that fits on any screen.

The next-generation news website is a key development in the continued digital evolution of the Chicago Tribune and features more multimedia content, endless scrolling, and a mobile-first design.

The website also offers important new revenue opportunities for the Chicago Tribune as it looks to shift money away from print to more digital sources. Premium content will be highlighted to attract more digital newspaper subscriptions, while clearly-marked native advertising and sponsored content will be incorporated into the website as well.

A year in the making, the new Chicago Tribune website is sponsored by The University of Chicago Graham School.

“This is more than a website redesign. This new digital experience is the result of a sharply defined digital strategy centered on delivering value to users and clients,” said Tony Hunter, CEO of Chicago Tribune Media Group. “The innovative work of our colleagues turned the strategy into a reality.”

The website is designed with mobile phone users in mind given the proliferation of smart phones and tablets. Features include a responsive design that adapts automatically to any screen size; endless scrolling; more multimedia stories; and easier ways to share stories on social media.

The new website is part of a broader digital marketing strategy initiative as Tribune Publishing prepares to spin off from Chicago-based Tribune Media this Monday. The LA Times introduced the new platform in May. Other Tribune newspapers will roll out the platform by the year’s end, according to top executives.

After the new websites are established, they will be converted to a metered paywall system, allowing visitors to view a set number of stories each month before requiring the reader to pay for a digital subscription. The number of free news articles and stories will vary from market to market.

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