MG2 2016 Fourth Quarter Growth

Berkshire Hathaway Media Group, Inc., Gannett, Media News Group, Cox Media Group, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal partner with or expand their relationships with Marketing G2

Horsham, Penn., January 26, 2016 — Significant increases in the adoption of Marketing G2’s subscription economy technology were announced today by Marketing G2’s VP of Finance and Strategy, Brian Lanouette, in a financial review of the company’s final quarter of 2016. "A strong year capped with a strong Q4 finish, helped push the company to its 14th consecutive year of year-over-year growth," added Lanouette, “positioning us well for a successful 2017.”

More than a dozen news media organizations including properties of Cox Media Group, Berkshire Hathaway Media Group, Media News Group, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Gannett and the Philadelphia Inquirer agreed to implement new customer engagement platforms or completed product upgrades from Marketing G2 that enhance their ability to engage readers, expand subscription offerings, service, bill and retain customers.

“Our clients, and the publishing industry as a whole face a changing landscape and significant revenue challenges. We’re glad to see both new and current clients look to MG2 as the right thought and technology leaders to face those challenges head on and position them for the future,“ added Patrick Glennon, President and Founder of Marketing G2.

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2016 Fourth Quarter Growth

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