By: Elizabeth Coffey, Marketing G2 Digital Marketing Specialist

What separates a digital brand from a traditional one? Mainly, their approach to their relationship with the client or customer. Traditional brands view their relationship with the client as transactional, their focus is on getting customers to buy their product or service while digital brands are concerned with positioning themselves in the everyday lives of their customers. They’re more focused on renewal and advocacy after the purchase (the use of their product or service) than in the promotion and sale of their product (or service) pre-purchase.

Legacy publishers have struggled to undergo what is known in the industry as a ‘digital transformation,’ turning their traditional business model into a digital one. The tips below can help legacy publishers bridge the gap to a more sustainable, digital future.

  1. Create demand for use, not demand to buy – How will your audience use your content? Is it designed to inform, uplift, inspire action, teach, etc? How can you make your content easier / more convenient to use for your audience? For example, traditional retailers of makeup like Macy’s is entirely focused on getting you to buy their product while more digital brands like Sephora are more concerned with helping you use the makeup they sell; releasing tutorials, fostering a community of makeup enthusiasts, and instilling the self-confidence in consumers that they need to use the makeup at home.

  2. Focus on advocacy, not promotion – Instead of offering deep subscription discounts and throwing in freebies to gain more readers, focus on creating communities around your brand that will advocate for you on your behalf. Strengthen your brand instead of de-valuing it.

  3. Worry about what your audience members say to each other – Traditional advertising can often be a soliloquy, a top-down form of communication in which a company dictates to its customer base. A more effective way to advertise is word-of-mouth. Pay close attention to what your audience says about their experience with reading your content and interacting with your brand.

  4. Prioritize experience at every touchpoint – Traditional companies try to control the way clients think about their brand before purchase, digital companies think about the client’s experience with their brand at every touchpoint. Remove as much friction as possible from your brand’s purchase experience. Marketing G2 has the technology you need to help your subscribers have a smooth sign-up and renewal experience.

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