By: Elizabeth Coffey, Marketing G2 Digital Marketing Specialist

Every publishing marketing executive wants to create the A-Team of marketing professionals who will bring the publication they work for to the next level, driving reader revenue and subscriptions. The competition is fierce out there when it comes to hiring talent and it’s difficult to tell what kind of skills you will need your marketing team to have in order to achieve your various business goals.

The core of your publication’s marketing team should be made up of these three types of marketing professionals.

  1. Marketing technocrats – You need people who can fearlessly dive into new technology and differentiate between technology that is truly innovative and what is a fad. Ideally these marketing professionals know your current system, know what you need, and know how to integrate new technologies into your stack to achieve department and company-wide goals. These employees have their finger on the pulse and love to champion innovation.

  2. Analytics experts – Being able to prove that your marketing efforts are paying off is vital to any organization. These marketing professionals aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty with data and can track marketing campaigns and their budgets for maximum ROI.

  3. Digital creatives – Creativity is one of the more important marketing team characteristics you need to have in order to accomplish your goals. Digital creatives are marketing professionals that can help you stand out from the crowd and differentiate you from the competition. Make sure your digital creatives are good brand embassadors and storytellers and can use the technology the marketing technocrats discover.

Most marketing professionals will be a mix of all three of these personas, but it’s important to ensure that these professionals are present in some capacity within your organization if you want to move your publication forward.

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