By: Elizabeth Coffey, Marketing G2 Digital Marketing Specialist

No matter what kind of business you’re in, everyone wants to sell more and make more money. Publishers are no different when it comes to what drives their business forward but are facing an ever-increasing pressure to diversify their revenue streams due to the meteoric rise of online platforms who are taking much of the digital advertising revenue out there in the marketplace.

If you’re a publisher operating today, now is the time to refine your sales funnel to make sure you’re converting as many of your readers into subscribers as possible, getting as much reader revenue out of your audience as you can to offset declining digital ad sales.

Use the tips and tricks below to tweak and refine the efficacy of your subscription sales funnel.

  1. Improve the efficiency of your lead acquisition process – Are you getting enough leads and are those leads of a high enough quality that they will result in subscription conversions? If you’re not getting enough subscribers, analyze your sales funnel to see what is happening to the leads you’re generating. You may not be attracting enough of an audience to your publication or your readers may not be ready to subscribe because you haven’t made enough of a value proposition to them. You may also be spending time, money, and other hard-earned resources pursuing those readers who for whatever reason will never subscribe to your publication or its various newsletters. One easy way to fill the top of your subscription sales funnel is through Flittz. Flittz allows you to get more known users while seeing what kind of content those users prefer so you can create more content that they like and lead them down the path towards a subscription.

  2. Improve the personalization of your subscription offers – It is important to customize every touchpoint and every conversation that you have with your reader if you hope to increase customer engagement and your subscription numbers. Is your reader a sports fan or a political junkie? Use what you know about your users to approach them with the offer messaging that’s right for them. MG2 ConneXt can help you get creative and customize the subscription experience for your many different users.

  3. Be persistent – Don’t give up after one failed offer attempt. Through Marketing G2 technology, you can acquire more registered, known users that you can re-target and re-market your media products to until you get the messaging or the timing right on your offer for your consumer. Sometimes you’ll have to spend a little bit more time nurturing a lead before they’ll convert.

Catering to your customer’s journey is easy when you have the right tools and technology at your disposal.

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