By: Elizabeth Coffey, Marketing G2 Digital Marketing Specialist

Sustainable sources of money are on the mind of many publishers as we head full throttle into the first quarter of 2018. The question remains about how to create a meaningful value exchange without walling off your content completely and sabotaging your overall journalistic mission which is to uphold and sustain democracy.

After all, publishers must make money through reader-generated revenue if they hope to keep their doors open and to compensate for falling ad revenue.

The membership model piloted by the Guardian and Medium (and which is of interest to Gannett) seems to be the perfect solution combining reader revenue and the fundamental principles of journalism. A major tenet of which is to serve the entire community and not just those who can afford a premium news subscription.

Flittz can create a membership community around your different publication brands, bringing people together to read, watch, and share your content without resorting to pricey subscriptions that wall off your journalism completely to those who need it the most.

Users pay a small fee to support your journalism and gain access to an article, your website, etc. for a fixed time with all the flexibility to conform to your unique marketing strategy that you already have in place.

Join the Flittz network today to get in on the ground floor of the membership model and make a significant amount of money in 2018. Achieve your revenue goals!

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