By: Elizabeth Coffey, Marketing G2 Digital Marketing Specialist

Your journalists have written great content, now all you have to do is effectively promote their articles to get more eyeballs on their work and more revenue in your news organization’s pockets. Developing an effective content promotion strategy is vital to anyone who has an ad or subscription-based business. You want people to stumble upon, like, and value the content your journalists create well enough to spend a lot of time on the page and subscribe.

When coming up with your unique content promotion strategy avoid the mistakes below.

  1. Assuming it’s all a number’s game – Plastering your journalist’s article indiscriminately all over social media and firing off a lot of email blasts in a desperate bid for attention isn’t going to win you any fans and certainly won’t win you any subscribers. Do your homework before trying to disseminate your content. Find out when your targeted readers are online, what platforms they use, and how best to reach them. Target influencers that specialize in the article's topic.

  2. Overestimating an article’s newsworthiness – Frame your journalists’ articles in a way that makes them feel more fresh, timely, and important to your readers. Is the story happening near them? Are a lot of people involved? Can you elicit an emotional response through your social media post?

  3. Forgetting to set goals and measure your results – If you aren’t setting goals and measuring the results you’re getting from your promotional strategies; how do you know if you're making any progress? Remember your sales funnel and make sure you're ferrying your readers through it.

What tips and tricks do you use to promote your journalists’ work?

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