By: Elizabeth Coffey, Marketing G2 Digital Marketing Specialist

The holidays are a busy time of year when retailers hope to capitalize on shoppers looking for that special gift for their various loved ones whether they’re Christmas shopping, Hanukkah shopping, or shopping for another equally important holiday or special occasion. News outlets and organizations are no exception with their hope that people will buy a subscription to their news products for family members and friends this holiday season.

MG2 ConneXt is a platform that has been helping news publishers position their subscriptions as the perfect holiday gift with custom conversations that speak to a potential subscriber’s unique interests. Marketing G2, the maker of MG2 ConneXt and an industry leader in subscription-based, data-driven technology, has seen a growing need for this kind of technology in the news industry as news media organizations make the switch from an advertisement-based revenue model to a subscription-based revenue model to improve their sustainability and fight back against the duopoly that is Google and Facebook.

Increasing news publishers' chances of success is the heightened interest people have in real news and MG2 ConneXt’s ability to fully integrate with a news organization’s current reporting system as well as provide end users with a frictionless payment process that makes signing up for a subscription easy.

Data, being more valuable than gold or oil in today’s marketplace, is passed onto the publisher so they can refine their marketing strategy, improve subscriber retention, and market themselves more effectively to advertisers. Fill your stocking with data in addition to revenue from new subscriptions this holiday season for a successful start to the New Year!

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