Paraphrased from Sarah Riley, Sr. App Advisor, MindSea, 06/11/2015

Media companies keep 100% of self-sold ad revenue from Apple’s News app (the replacement to its Newsstand app) with Apple earning 30% from ads it sells for publishers.

Newsstand was trying to make mobile media consumption easy for iPhone users, but the app ultimately hid publications away once they were downloaded. Worse, it locked publishers into a scenario they couldn't win in which moving the app out of the faux folder meant losing all of your in-app subscribers and starting over from scratch.

Newsstand replaced by Apple News
Apple News is a regular folder with apps appearing as static iOS icons in that folder (rather than custom issue-covers) that users can re-order like their other Apple iPhone apps.

Apple News is a new, smart iOS 9 app similar to Flipboard that pulls and streams news articles and channels from online magazines to newspapers to blogs and more. As Susan Prescott said while demostrating the app during its introductory keynote, “The best stories from the sources you love, selected just for you. The more you read, the more personalised your news becomes.”

“High-quality news, magazines, and blogs in a single beautiful content experience”
Apple News is a mobile-first reading experience that integrates a general search with single articles and content streams supporting video, interactive elements, rich typography and infographics, animation and in-line photo mosaics (the latter favored over slideshows).

Swiping gets you to the next article, which may be from an altogether different publication, the rub for most publishers. Publishers shouldn’t view Apple News as the be-all and end-all when it comes to a mobile delivery solution because their content will appear in a feed alongside countless others, which means that their own branded and/or premium experience will still be better served through a native app experience.

The app has over a million searchable topics through machine-learning algorithms.

Whether you're a corporate entity or self-published self starter the sign-up and distribution process is the same for everyone and it’s free.

Getting started
According to Apple’s News Publisher’s Guide, Apple supports integration with third-party content management systems to pull content.

Most importantly, monetization is possible (either self-sold, through Apple, or a combination of both) via Apple’s ad-serving platform, iAd. Publishers are entitled to 100% of ad revenue through self-sold ads in articles or channels. They’re also able to earn money from ads sold by iAd that appear in Apple-curated topic feeds — so you can add another layer of monetization to your mobile strategy. Meanwhile, Apple earns 30% in revenue share from the ads it sells for publishers.

Apple has an iCloud-based hub called News Publisher, where it’s possible to sign-up, add feeds, and manage channels, members, and account profiles.

Apple News is an easy win for publishers who want to augment their mobile strategies, especially to lure readers to engage with their current apps by increasing their overall brand visibility and reach through popular content. Get started on the platform to measure engagement and uncover deeper and more meaningful integration opportunities.

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